Welcome to ViewNorthPort!

ViewNorthPort has been created to promote public trust.  It is an easily searchable online financial database which allows anyone to view the City's finances.

North Port believes openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency.  Transparency promotes good governance.  ViewNorthPort is the City's opportunity to provide that financial transparency.  Information on how the City spends money should be readily available and easily understood.

ViewNorthPort allows you to see where the City's revenues came from and how they were spent.  By clicking on the categories above, you can generate reports about the City's expenditures, revenues and salaries.  This information comes from a variety of sources to provide a comprehensive view of the City's finances.

The information on this site is updated weekly.  The information contained within these reports are for informational purposes only.  They should not be used to reconcile to audited financial reports.  For audited reports, please view the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) or contact the Finance Department at (941)429-7107.